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"I have reviewed many books and confess that some of them I skim. That is because of the quality of content and the book’s ability to command my attention.  But “God At Center” captured me—the quotations, the argumentation, the applications, the conclusion. I was captivated by the content, its structure, and the literary presentation. I read it carefully, applying its message to my thinking, and I challenge you to do the same."

Dr. Elmer Towns (Co-Founder, Liberty University)

"For many years, I have wrestled with the idea that I need to live my life by a list of priorities; God first, wife second, family third, etc. In just a few pages, Joe LoMusio, has revealed not only a better way to live, but the BIBLICAL Way! The sure Way to follow, grounded in Truth; the Way of God at Center…"

Larry Niggli, Man in the Mirror Area Director, SoCal, San Diego Coalition for Men's Discipleship

"Common sense tells us that to fulfill ‘essential’ tasks we must remove the ‘unessentials’ of life. Yet, most of us agree that such knowledge does not predictably yield actions and habits that epitomize that knowledge. It seems that we need more than common sense. Dr. LoMusio highlights that prioritizing how we spend our time and placing God at the center of our lives is a daily choice; it's a choice that will ultimately determine how the rest of our relationships, responsibilities, and circumstances will unfold."


Dr. Mary Kay Park, Exec. Managing Director, Far East Broadcasting Company-Korea in Los Angeles


"Joe LoMusio has developed a robust biblical theology of priorities. Only with God at Center can we really know Him, allow Him to transform us, and then inform us as to how we balance the simultaneous responsibilities we have toward the other significant people God has placed in our lives."

Dr. Mark L. Bailley, Chancellor, Dallas Theological Seminary

"Life is relentlessly fragmenting. We are pulled in many directions while we strive to “keep the main thing, the main thing.” Dr. Joe LoMusio helps us understand that the main thing, the supreme priority is not a thing at all, but God Himself. Too often we have been given a hierarchy of priorities only to discover that life doesn’t cooperate with our lists and plans. In “God at Center” Dr. LoMusio helps us find a new perspective, and that it is possible to live without a competing set of imperatives that usually make us frustrated and relentlessly hitting a reset button. I believe you will go back to this book often as you seek to experience God in the center of your life."

Cliff McArdle, Special Assistant to the President, Far East Broadcasting Company

“God at Center gives an excellent opportunity to calibrate the believer’s thoughts about what is among the core of our beliefs – that God not only relates to us in a personal way but is also the nucleus of our spiritual walk with Him. There is great discovery in knowing that God in all of his awesomeness is not only transcendent but can also be the glorious hub within our hearts and minds that can impact everything we do and everyone we encounter. The centrality of God goes beyond hierarchical and timebound limitations, and frees the believer to radiate the boundless love of God, anytime and anyplace.”

Arnold Huntley, Fellow, Colson Center for Christian Worldview

Frustrated and fed up at trying to live your life by the list? You know, it is that “corporate world” model of priority-keeping which is so ingrained in our culture (something first, then something second, and then something else third, and so on). God At Center provides the challenge to embrace a biblical paradigm for priority-keeping which does not follow the world, but the Word. Is there really an alternative to putting “God first” in our lives? Yes, there is! And it is a more “biblical” paradigm, one that has God at the Center of our lives.

With God in his rightful place in your life and applying a fuller understanding of the Great Commandment (which is in and of itself a “priority-keeping” passage), you will embrace a lifestyle that seeks to love God with all your heart, soul, and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself. You will finally make sense of who you are, what God wants you to know, and what you can do about it.

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God at Center Study Guide
Comments & Highlights

Comments & highlights

"This book has instantly changed my life and when I saw the visual concept of God at the center then myself and how he works through me to reach all the people I enter-act with each day it is mind blowing. Thank you for this much needed insight into the word of God." ~ Roy Boldt

"God At Center. Makes perfect sense! This book would resonate with any "Believer" because most everyone I know thinks that God being "first" above all else in your Life is sometimes hard to "feel". After reading this book, I clearly understand that God is in the center of every part of our Lives (Marriage, Kids, Work etc.). If we all operated under this concept (biblically sound!), we would be the best versions of ourselves and would refine every part of our lives with God in the Center of everything." ~ Catalina MacBeth

"Reading God At Center. Chapter 6 is life-changing information and revelation. A must read, several times over! Every chapter is good, deep, insightful, but God visited me during chapter 6. I don’t say that lightly at all. When I say He visited me, I mean HE FLOODED MY HEART. He flooded my room, my house! What an encounter that I will remember forever. The revelation of how BIG our God is and that He knows my name. He calls me His own. I am His child. Thank you, Pastor Joe, for writing this book!" ~ Danielle Umpierre Anonical

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"Dr. Joe, I am reading your book for the second time, and it has helped me in many ways. In fact, I am also writing a review to post to Amazon. Later I will write TBN Broadcast and will include the extra copy you gave me. The book is informational and inspiring. It’s a must-read for those of us not just in the Body of Christ, but others who are interested in learning about God." ~ Evangelist Joycelyn Williams

"Dr. Joe LoMusio does an excellent job of challenging the way many Christians think. The depth and understanding that comes from God At Center has challenged me in the best possible way. This is a must read!" ~ Pastor Landen Bosman


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"Wow, wow, wow! Just finished chap 6 of your book God at Center. I am in complete awe. Tears streaming down my cheeks. What a God and He knows me, my name, the hairs on my head The King of the universe, King of all creation fills me. His throne in my heart! Pastor Joe, every chapter gets better and better. Chapter 6 is an absolute masterpiece. I can’t stop crying. Honestly it took a while to gain my composure this morning. The Holy Spirit was so strong. His amazing love filled me, and my heart overflowed with awe, wonder, and praise! I was walking around my house in worship declaring, “He is my Father!” This God, this massive, immense, immeasurable, beyond comprehension God… this God is my Father. He calls me by name. I am His and He is mine. I am the woman at the well who had a personal encounter. I am Mary Magdalene and He called me by name. I am the blind beggar without hope yet recipient of His grace. His merciful touch reached me. He found me in my mess and instead of discarding me as too broken, too messed up, too sinful, He declared me valuable and proved it with the price of His own blood. Wow Pastor Joe… seriously that chapter wrecked me! What a way to start the day! Puts everything in perspective. Thank you so much for your book.  I am looking forward to what is still to come." ~ Danielle Umpierre Anonical

"Wise and well done! I am so happy I read this book. A deep dive into how to properly prioritize our spiritual lives and prepare you to get the most joy out of living according to God’s will. A very needed and relevant theological view of how to place God at the Center. A must read for everyone!" ~ Kristina G.

"This book is great, and the author does a great job breaking down the book into very four easy to understand sections – When is Priority, Who is God, What is Man and Who is my neighbor. The book is well organized and easy to follow. I would highly recommend this book as a very thought-provoking and interesting read. Do yourself a favor and pick it up." ~ Josh Gensicke

"What a blessing it is to have amazing tools to help us continue to build our faith and to add to our faith walk! Thank you Joe!" ~ Fares Bader

"just wanted to say I have only reached Part Two of Joe's book and I must say it is so darn clear how much we 'Christians' have missed the boat! Joe has such a scholarly intellect yet speaks to the heart of the matter in such a clear, concise way that anyone can understand! He has brought such simplicity to Jesus truly being the center of our lives, that it brings me such awe and a little fear as to what a life lived like that looks like. I have much to 'ponder in my heart' as I seek baby steps toward following the Christ in a much more profound, intimate, relationship-changing way . . . Thank you so much for this book which so leads me back to the Person and a closer walk with Him." ~ Toni Brown

Also available!
An UnCommon Sense
"Making Sense of our Spiritual Senses

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Back Cover
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Excerpts from An UnCommon Sense 


Our five physical senses are incredible gifts from God, as He created us and shaped us to adapt to our physical world. Seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling are all conduits to experiencing the world around us. But did you know that each of these five senses have a spiritual dimension as well as application in the Bible? Are you aware that the Biblical writers often gave our physical senses an elevated sense of knowing and experiencing God? How else can you understand, for instance, the reference in Psalm 34:8 which says we are to "Taste and see that the Lord is good"? Clearly David’s intent cannot be understood or applied in an ordinary sense. This is something special, something extraordinary, something wonderful! Let's call it our "Un-common sense."

(From the Introduction)


The wonderful physical sense of taste that we possess allows us the opportunity to enjoy the variety of tasteful things in our world. And our spiritual sense of “tasting” allows us to enjoy the variety of knowing the Lord. Tasting and seeing that the Lord is good is to acknowledge the excitement of the experience of knowing Him. It is the wonderful discovery that there is nothing bland and insipid about Jesus Christ. He adds the flavor to life. He is the reason for the season…ing! He is and has zeal and zest. He is and has a sweetness of life and character.

 (From Chapter Two, Taste and See)



It is the spiritual eye that can see what the physical eye can never see. It is with the eyes of faith that we can see what Elisha saw, but Gehazi could not. The natural eye could see the danger clear enough, but the eye of faith saw the deliverance from the danger. Gehazi saw the Syrians, Elisha saw the Savior. The prophet’s servant saw the army, the prophet saw the Lord’s army.

(From Chapter Three, Behold the Beauty)



For most of us, we know that some things make good sense, and some things require commonsense. We know that some things make no sense, and that some things are just plain nonsense! So, how do we make sense of the Sixth Sense… the Spirit sense? How can we seek to understand what it could be and what it should be from Scripture?

(From Chapter Seven, The Spirit Sense)



Our five natural senses are gifts to us from our Creator God. That they are not limited to just the physical is clear from exploring their many references in dynamic spiritual contexts. The five common senses then become un-common in the sense of having a necessary and ongoing application in our spiritual journey. The world is full of the common (the commonplace), the mundane, the perfunctory, the purely sensual and fleshly. But our lives can also be full of the things of the Spirit, and it is the Spirit that brings real life!

 (From Chapter Eight, Making Sense of our Spiritual Senses)



Our God-given physical senses are constantly being distorted and perverted. Nothing is left to the imagination! Everything is left bare to see, touch, and taste… There are startling examples of this slide into insanity just about everywhere you wish to look. The world is like the Gadarene demoniac in Mark, chapter 5, racked with a destructive devil-induced possession which is legion, too numerous to even calculate. In this regard, we have let our senses run wild. We have gone past classic Epicureanism, to naked debauchery. Our society now uses the word "decadent" to describe a sinfully delicious dessert, rather than a decaying and demoralized lifestyle. How convenient. But we are paying the price.

(From the Epilogue, Are We Losing our Common Sense?)



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