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Rethinking Gethsemane

Is God Ever Unfair?

In the Beginning. . . Why? (The Reason for the Creation Narrative in Genesis 1)

Exegetical Notes on Psalm 22:12–13: The Bulls of Bashan and the Cross of Christ

Exegetical Notes on Psalm 82: The Divine Council


Exegetical Notes on Genesis 6:1–4: Who are the sons of God and the daughters of Men?


Let My People Go: Weighing the Heart of Pharaoh


Against the Gods of Egypt: The Ten Plagues of Exodus


The Sin of Achan: Notes on Joshua 7


As the Sparks Fly Upward: Identifying the god Resheph in the Book of Job


Moses, the Exodus, and a Family Feud: What is the Date of the Exodus?

Coram Deo: What it means, Historically and Biblically


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