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Joe LoMusio has over 45 years of pastoral experience, having served churches in Arizona and California. He retired from the active pastorate in July of 2016 after serving as senior pastor of Temple Church in Fullerton, California for 35 years.


Joe received his B.A. in Biblical Studies from Southwestern Bible College (now Arizona Christian University) in 1976, an M.A. in Old Testament and Semitics from Talbot Seminary (Biola University) in 1986, and a Ph.D. in Ancient Near Eastern History, from the school of Human Behavior at Newport University (now Janus University) in 1996. He has also been awarded two Doctor of Divinity degrees.


Dr. LoMusio is currently a senior faculty member of California Graduate School of Theology of Haven University, an accredited institution with a worldwide outreach. He serves as the Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew, as well as the Director of the Doctor of Ministry program.


Joe is the author of four books, While Walking on Water… I Sank! (1986), If I Should Die Before I Live (1989), An Uncommon Sense (2019), and God At Center (2021). 


He is also the author of numerous published articles: Turning Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping Stones.  Published by A POSITIVE APPROACH magazine, March/April 1988, Moses, The Exodus and a Family Feud.  Published by the ARCHAEOLOGY AND BIBLICAL RESEARCH JOURNAL, Vol.2, No.3, Summer 1989, (reprinted fully edited 2019), Pylons of Power (How Archaeology helps interpret Jesus' reference to "The Gates of Hell").  Published by ARCHAEOLOGY AND BIBLICAL RESEARCH JOURNAL, Vol.3, No.1, Winter 1990, Accidental Archaeology.  Published by BIBLE AND SPADE, Vol.6, No.3, Summer 1993, This Is The Lord The Day Has Made!  Published by WORSHIP LEADER, Vol.5, No.1, January / February 1996.

Joe also maintains a ministry blog on Facebook called CrossWord (Solving the Puzzles of Life by Believing the Word of God). You can access it here on this website, as well as his Facebook page: @CrossWordForYou.

Joe and his wife, Linda, live in Murrieta, California. They are both active members at The Rock Church of Temecula Valley.

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